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Think of colour, pitch, loudness, heaviness, and hotness. Each of these is the topic of a branch of physics.
Benoit Mandelbrot




  • Speed of Light Measured at AMU!
    See here for details.


  • Caleb Weston (AMU class of '15) has recently been accepted into the Navy's highly-competitive Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program. The Navy was looking for a few good and talented men and they found one in Caleb. Congratulations!

  • We cannot help but note that Caleb Weston is impressive in the classroom and laboratories and on the gridiron as well. He was named to the Sun Conference's 2014 All-Conference Academic Team!

  • This past Fall, John Robert Griswold ('15) co-presented a poster at a conference in Arlington VA, sponsored by the Council on Undergraduate Research. He reported results obtained in an REU experience with a group at the University of Southern Alabama.

  • Professor Rodriguez attended the CNMS (Center for Nuclear Matter Studies) Huada School and Symposium on QCD, hosted by the Institute for Particle Physics at Central China Normal University. The subject of these meetings, which draw scientists from around the world, is the current frontier of high energy nuclear physics. Prof. Rodriguez has returned with several promising research projects to work on.

  • In Spring '14, Patrick Trebisacci ('15) worked with Professor Daly on a research project. [A corporate grant provided Patrick with a stipend.]

  • Also in Spring '14, Elise McMahon ('15), one of our intrepid Physics minors, enjoyed a transformative experience in the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program.


Professor Rodriguez presents his thoughts on the so-called Gallileo Affair here.

Paul Dinan, winner of the 2015 Fall AMHSA homeschool science fair with his investigation of the effects of colour on the rate of water evaporation, has earned a First Place Ribbon in the Collier Region Science and Engineering Fair. Well done! The Ave Herald has photos of Paul and the top AMHSA participants in three divisions.

The Ave Herald also has pictures from last Spring's AMHSA science fair. Several of the physics majors generously volunteered their time and expertise as judges. The organisers and the children are most appreciative!


Alumni News:
  • Dan Hillary (Physics Minor '10) is alive and well and working in the actuarial field. He tells us that his mathematics and physics studies (especially statistical mechanics & quantum mechanics) got him well-started in preparing for Actuarial Society exams.

  • Mark Henderson (Physics Minor, '10) is nearing the end of his Ph.D. (Physics) studies at The Catholic University of America. Good luck at your defense, Mark!

  • Dan Sadasivan (Physics Minor '12) is studying for his Ph.D. (Physics) at George Washington University.

Physics lectures and laboratories are usually offered in The Saint Michael the Archangel Physics Laboratory, located on the second floor of the Henkels Academic Building. The undergraduate Physics labs are well outfitted with basic equipment items. A workstation-server is primarily devoted to research in high-energy physics.


2014 Nobel Prize Awarded

This year's prize was awarded to Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano, and Shuji Nakamura, for the invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes. It is very likely that you, or your family, own several of these devices.

Link: Nobel Prize 2014: Physics

The Physics program offers all students an introduction to the theoretical and experimental bases of natural science.

Introductory Physics courses fulfill the AMU Core Science requirement. Advice for students and faculty advisors is found here.

To get a sense of the depth and scope of the introductory sequence of courses, one can view (portions of) the textbooks for University Physics: Mechanics, Materials, and Electricity & Magnetism.

The students who opt for the Physics Major receive a deeper and richer exposition of theoretical, experimental, and computational science.

Students pursuing the Physics Minor, while majoring in another discipline, receive a more narrowly focussed presentation of the subject.

Students with a cognate interest in Physics are invited to elect courses for which they have satisfied the prerequisites.


The program faculty maintain scholarly interests in high-energy particle phenomenology, formal aspects of quantum field theories, and other related fields.

Opportunities for undergraduate participation in these research efforts and assistance in applying for Research Experience for Undergraduates [REU] programs at other institutions are made available to interested students.

Should you have questions about the Physics program at Ave Maria University, please contact us at:

Patrick F. Kelly,
Dept. of Mathematics and Physics














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