James C. Daly, Adjunct Professor of Physics
Henkels Academic Bldg 2059
The Legion of Mary - Our Lady Seat of Wisdom
Saint Patrick, patron of engineers, pray for us.
I am looking for physics or math student to work on a research project involving controlling energy efficient devices using microcontrollers programmed in C. Compensation available. Course credit possible. No experience necessary.
Phys 211 College Physics I
Phys 212 College Physics II
Phys 323 University Physics III
Phys 355 Electric Circuits
Math499 Independent Study
Phys 350 Electromagmetics
Phys 415 Electronics
Phys 416 Signals
Undergraduate Research
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Numerical solution of Laplace's equation
Numerical solution of Laplace's equation

Majoring in Physics at Ave Maria prepares you for careers in science and engineering. Our Physics graduates work in industry and have been accepted in Physics and Engineering graduate schools. Ave Maria's strong Math, Physics and Chemistry courses provide a foundation for engineering careers.

Outcomes (What you can expect to learn)

A Aquisition - Physics majors shall acquire an understanding of the fundamental laws and principles operative in physics.
VVocation - Physics majors shall be equipped for a variety of post-baccalaureate endeavours.
EExperimentation - Physics majors shall develop experimental performance skills of data collection, analysis with attention to precision, and design criticism.
R Research - Physics majors shall gain an appreciation for the value of physics research.

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