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"We are asked to love and honor the life of every man and woman and to work with perseverance and courage so that our time, marked by all too many signs of death, may at last witness the establishment of a new culture of life, the fruit of the culture of truth and of love."

John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae


Pre-medicine Program Guidelines

The pre-medicine program is designed to offer a complete academic preparation for medical school.  In addition, we offer several unique programs designed to explore the ethical, moral and social implications of modern medicine and technology.  Students participating in the pre-medicine program can choose Biology or any other academic major.

Minimal Pre-medicine Requirments

CHEM 211   General Chemistry I (w/lab)
CHEM 212 General Chemistry II (w/lab)
CHEM 311 Organic Chemistry I (w/lab)
CHEM 312 Organic Chemistry II (w/lab)
BIOL 211 Biology I (w/lab)
BIOL 212 Biology II (w/lab)
PHYS 211 College Physics I (w/lab)
PHYS 212 College Physics II (w/lab)
BIOL 400 Special Topics Seminar in Biology and Medicine (required yearly)

Math: College algebra/trigonometry required; calculus is recommended

At least two upper level Biology classes are strongly recommended. Especially recommended are BIO 305 Molecular Biology, BIO 405/406 Biochemistry, BIO 303 Genetics, BIO 304 Anatomy and Physiology.

It is recommended that the minimal requirements be completed by the end of the junior year as preparation for the MCAT examination.  Pre-medicine faculty advisors help guide the students in their preparation of medical school application.

In addition to the course offering/requirements listed above, the following supplementary programs/courses are available:

  • Discussions and seminars with faculty and invited members of the health care community (physicians, nurses, medical researchers, etc) to discuss topics in medicine and bioethics.

  • Assistance in identifying and acquiring summer internships.

  • Assistance and direction in the pursuit of independent research.

The department is developing a new Physician Mentoring Program initiative: Students meet individually with selected Catholic physicians (in collaboration with the Catholic Medical Association) to discuss interests and concerns in any field of medicine, and medical school experience. (More details will be available as the program develops)

Other Pre-Professional Guidelines

The Department of Biology and Chemistry curriculum can also prepare individuals for a variety of other professional programs such as veterinary medicine, dental school, chiropractic school, doctor of physical therapy.  For a summary of these guidelines, download the following document.

Pre-professional Guidelines and the AMU Curriculum.








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